Styles that work when you’ve got big boobs

There are some things that only girls with big boobs understand, the back pain, the comments, the ogling – they don’t have it easy. It’s a hard life, but when it comes to choosing clothes it shouldn’t be, or at least not after you’ve read this blog.

Choose sleeves wisely

There has been a trend for strapless and sleeveless tops, but they aren’t going to work the best with your bust. If you’re choosing a dress, go for something with a V neck or a dress that covers your bust completely and has full sleeves. This will accentuate your figure and offers support.


Pretty in Print

You may have read that prints and boobs don’t go. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Patterns work well with a wider bust because they draw attention away from eth width by taking attention away from your chest and creating interest all over.


Match your separates

While dresses dominate the choices for most nights out, if you are a larger chested woman then you’ll find that a top and skirt can be more flattering for your shape. Dress sizes can look strange on ladies whose bust is larger than their waist. This will mean your dress can never sit properly due to the average woman having different proportions. Create the illusion of a dress by wearing matching separates in the same colour or pattern.


Avoid baggy tops

Wearing a top that is tight on the chest and baggy around the waist can make your bust seem bigger. If you don’t want to accentuate your chest then choose a top that can be born with a belt. If you’re wearing a shirt, make sure it is fitted and works with the proportion of your body.


Style your jewellery properly

If you don’t want to draw attention to your bust, then choosing the right type of necklace can help. If you choose a shorter style, then it will draw attention from your bust to your collar/neck. Chunky necklaces and feature necklaces are fine as long as they don’t draw all the attention to your cleavage.


Bear in mind these are general tips and aren’t the be all and end all of style tips. Find something that you feel comfortable in and choose clothes that work with your body shape. It’s you who knows your body shape and what works with it better than anyone and remember when you’re happy with the way you dress you will exude confidence.

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