Dress to impress – What to wear on a first date

Dating is daunting. With the rise of online dating and dating apps there are probably more dates happening than ever before. First dates have always been nerve-wracking but in the online era, meeting someone for the first time can be even worse. Will they look like their photos? What will they be like? So many questions. Your first date could end like my worst ever Tinder date and last five minutes, or you could end like my friends and get married from online dating. This could be the person you spend the rest of your life with! You have to make a good impression, so in this blog, we’ll give you some tips on how to dress to impress.

Choosing what to wear really depends on where you’re going. You don’t want to over or under dress depending on where you go, so with this in mind, we’ll break this down into sections:


Dinner date

The classic dinner date is the perfect excuse to dress up compared to some of the other dates we mention in this list. Dressing up does NOT mean slutty though! Dinner dates should allow you to express yourself in a classy way. The classic outfit to wear is a little black dress. Pair it with a clutch bag and heels. If you’re rocking this look, make sure you dress isn’t too revealing and keep the jewellery under control. A simple necklace and ring will suffice. If you’re going to a more casual restaurant then you can wear classy jeans (with no rips obvs) and a casual top with some high heeled boots.


Coffee Date

Even though a coffee might be a casual first date, that doesn’t mean you can turn up without putting any effort in. My best advice is to be casual but stylish. Choose a good pair of jeans – mom and boyfriend styles are good- with no holes or rips and pair that with a white t-shirt for a classic combination. you could wear sneakers or high-heeled boots to finish the outfit off. If you’re feeling a bit more flirty, you could always try a playsuit or a jumpsuit and wear it with some slide on shoes.


Movie Date

The cinema is the perfect place to go for a first date and has been the subject of songs and even movies themselves – meta! I went to the cinema recently and saw someone wearing sic inch heels and an embellished minidress. I don’t know whether she thought they were going somewhere else or what, but I would never choose an outfit like that for the cinema. Why? You’re going to watch a movie for two hours, why not dress appropriately? My best advice is to choose something comfortable but cute. Comfort is key because you don’t want to be squirming in your seat because your jeans are too tight or wearing shoes that don’t let you wriggle your toes. Ideally, a comfy pair of jeans, some open toed sandals (remember to paint your toenails) or comfy trainers are ideal. You can pair jeans with a vest top and a cardigan or cute shirt.

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