Classic wardrobe items – Always in style – Part 3

In our final part of our series on women’s wardrobe essentials, we round it up with our final selection.

Trench Coat

Trench coats are essential. They are perfect for wearing in autumn, they can stop the autumnal rain whilst not being overly warm. This lightweight style can be carried around with you if you don’t want to wear it but are wary of rain showers. The clean lines and belted waist are super feminine and will accentuate your curves. Choose a classic colour like camel and regard it as an investment. You will still be wearing it when you retire.


Slip Dress

Popularised in the 1990s by supermodels like Kate Moss, the slip dress is now a classic. A classic sexy look, the slip dress glides around your body. Midi and mini lengths are the two classic lengths and if you choose one made of silk or satin it will be hugely versatile. You can dress up a slip dress with boots or heels or you can dress it down with a t-shirt underneath and some trainers or sandals. A hugely versatile, sexy essential.



Leggings are a product of the 1960s, when new fabrics, technology and societal norms were all pushed to the limits. On the way out were corsets and weird cut trousers that bulged in all the wrong places. The elasticated waist and tightness were a revolution in comfort. Today they are everywhere and a good pair (not see through, faded or with a saggy bum) is essential for your wardrobe. Dress them up or down accordingly or even just wear them after work as loungewear for chilling.



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